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Scenes of life and American lifestyle in many American cities in late 1940s; famous American landmarks.
Flags of various NATO member countries. Flag of NATO. Film 'The Atlantic Community' introduces the United States as a NATO member. American landscape views. American men,women and children walk to church. Memorial marking first settlements in America. Back Bay neighborhood along bank of Charles River in Boston. Side and front view of Old State House in Boston. Pedestrians and traffic with 1940s automobiles on busy streets of Boston. Exterior view of Faneuil Hall and flower market in Boston. Civilians walk in street and cars drive by. Sweeping views of Harvard University campus buildings. View of New York city. Sweeping view from ground upward of Empire State building in midtown New York City. Manhattan Island New York City as seen from the water. Tall buildings and skyscrapers of Manhattan. Upward panning view from ground to top of Empire State Building in 1949. Busy street in New York city. American people at work including a man operating precision manufacturing equipment, a woman typing on a typewriter, and a man carpenter sawing wood. A seamstress sews clothing, an executive on the telephone in an office, factory workers at work; bricklayers working; women examine clothing designs, draftsmen at work on drawing plans. View inside a locomotive of the engineer operating a railroad train at high speed. View from exterior of passenger train as it approaches and passes by. Aerial views of farmland and hay in fields under a dusk sky. Elevated view of American industrial factories and smoke pouring from chimney stack pipes. Cowboys with herd of cows at the foothills of Rocky mountains. American dam on a massive lake. View of the Mormon Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Mormon temple from a distant elevated position with mountains in background, and then a street level view of Salt Lake Temple with statue of Brigham Young in foreground and 1940s vehicles. Aerial view of Lockheed Constellation aircraft in flight. American landscape views. Mountains and oceans. Golden Gate Bridge. Niagara Falls view. Fort Montgomery. The Rainbow Bridge from U.S. to Canada. Location: United States USA. Date: 1949.
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Late 1940s American city views and landscapes
United States USA
Boston landmarks
New York City skyscrapers
Mormon Salt Lake Temple
Harvard University