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Street scenes and the people in Naha, Okinawa Island (Japan)
View of Naha, the capital of Okinawa Island in Japan. Cars drive along the streets of Naha. Shop signs written in Japanese are seen on Kokusai-dori Street. Japanese pedestrians walk on Kokusai-dori. Shoppers enter the Mitsukoshi Department store. Shop signs read "Okinawa Bird Center", "Kokusai Watch Store", "Noritake Naha China Shop", "Bank of the Ryukyus" and "Souvenir Stores Fuji Omiyage". Beauty salon sign in Japanese reads "Perm Beauty Salon Moriyama". A woman buying mandarin oranges from a fruit store. Hands open a pack of chopsticks before eating a Chinese meal (beef broccoli, fried rice and egg rolls). Women walk past Johnny's Gift Store in Naha. A Japanese movie poster hangs outside a building. Elderly Japanese men and women walking on the street. Groups of male and female High School students cross the road. Japanese salarymen wearing sunglasses cross the road. Farmers working on the field. A mother holding her baby on the street. A man browses for sunglasses from a street vendor. A Japanese Office Lady (OL) typing on a typewriter. Fishermen with net. A mason chiseling a rock. A construction worker operating a digger. A lineman working on powerlines. Location: Naha City Okinawa Japan. Date: 1972.
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Naha City Okinawa Japan
Johnny's Gift Shop
Naha China Store