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Formal dedication of the Edison Institute, Ford Museum, and Historical Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan
Huge crowd attending the dedication of the Edison Institute, Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, in Dearborn, Michigan, on a rainy October 21, 1929. The event includes a Jubilee of Lights, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Edison's electric light. People holding umbrellas, stand on platform of the Smithcreek Railroad depot, which has been moved to the village. Steam issues from antique locomotive parked on far track. An 1850 steam locomotive decorated with American flags, pulls a 3-car train into the depot, with its bell clanging. Secret Service agents step from the moving train to take up positions on the platform.U.S. President, Herbert Hoover, escorts Thomas Edison, down the steps of the train to the platform. Mrs. Hoover follows, along with Henry Ford, who moves quickly down the steps, as other notable guests also alight. The President, and Mrs. Hoover, along with Edison and Ford, enter a car and proceed in a motorcade through the city of Detroit. Tickertape is seen descending from the city buildings. A speaker stand at steps of City Hall is decorated in patriotic bunting and displays pictures of Hoover and Edison, and a sign reading: "Light's Golden Jubilee." Guests remaining at Greenfield village are taken on guided tours in horse-drawn carriages. Many who walk carry umbrellas. Among building seen are: An 1828 toll house and shoe shop;Blacksmith shop; a tintype studio of the 1880s; an 1830s post office and apothecary shop, from Phoenixville, Connecticut; the Clifton Inn, on the village green; a General store, from Waterford, Michigan; the Village Town Hall; and the Martha Mary Chapel. Interior of museum galleries, with guests in formal attire assembled for a candle light banquet, while at the Menlo Park exhibit, Edison, with assistant, Francis Jehl, re-enact the successful demonstration of a carbon filament electric light. At the same time, all electric lights in the museum and village are turned on. View of elaborate electric light chandelier illuminated. Location: Dearborn Michigan USA. Date: October 21, 1929.
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Dedication of Ford Museum Greenfield Village
Dearborn Michigan USA
Celebrate Golden Anniversary of Edison's electric light
Thomas A. Edison
President Herbert Hoover
1850 steam locomotive
Tickertape motorcade in Detroit Michigan
19th Century buildings and shops in Greenfield Village