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U.S. soldiers carry injured on stretchers and advance on Dragoni Italy during the Italian Campaign in World War 2.
Depicts activities of U.S. soldiers in the Italian Campaign during World War II. Major General Rider of U.S. 34th Infantry Division speaks to Colonel Butler Commander of 168th Infantry Division at Alvignano, Italy. U.S. troops advance towards Dragoni. U.S. Army 36th Artillery soldiers fire artillery, supporting the 45th Division, in an assault on the last line of hills leading to the Volturno Valley. A soldier gives water to an injured soldier on a stretcher. Soldiers carry injured on a stretcher. Japanese-American soldiers of the United States Army 100th Infantry Division arrive. They stand in a line and are served food. The troops eat their food. View of a dead German soldier, and of other German soldiers as they surrender to U.S. Army forces. U.S. 3rd Division troops fire artillery at Dragoni. Smoke rises in the foreground. A map of Italy showing Dragoni. The troops advance and the 168th Division is seen occupying Dragoni on the next day, without opposition. U.S. soldiers escort some German soldier prisoners of war from the German 3rd Panzer Grenadier and the 26th Panzer Divisions. A German soldier treats an injured fellow prisoner. Italian civilian refugee men and women walk in a roadway and are evacuated to the rear. Location: Italy. Date: October 1943.
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U.S. Italian Campaign offensive at Dragoni
United States soldiers in Italy World War 2
34th Infantry Division
injured on stretcher
General Rider