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Female organs, fertilization and growth of fetus and menstrual flow are shown in an educational film produced in the U.S.
From a early 1920s educational film on health and hygiene for girls. Clip focuses on sexual education, targeted to a female audience. Female organs and their functions are identified on an inanimate model in the United States. Sex glands shown on the inanimate model. Reproductive system overview with summary that healthy condition of these organs makes for happy wife hood and successful motherhood. The reproductive system shows ovaries, egg cells and fallopian tubes through which the egg cells reach uterus. `A fertilized ovum grows into a baby in the uterus. Vagina is the tube opening outward from the uterus. Reproductive system diagram depicts a male sperm cell fertilizing an ovum within the body of mother. An animated diagram shows that for nine months the child is kept warm, protected and fed within the womb. A fetus grows in the womb and the child is pushed out through the vagina into the outer world. A nurse cleans and bathes an infant child in a wash tub basin. Reproductive system depicts menstrual flow. Location: United States USA. Date: 1922.
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female reproductive organs
United States USA
early sexual education film
fetus growth
menstrual flow