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SAC personnel participate in the '1969 SAC Missile Combat Competition' and the winner receives award in the U.S.
'1969 SAC Missile Combat Competition' of USAF Strategic Air Command units in the United States. Seal of '1969 SAC Missile Combat Competition'. An SAC officer speaks on the dais. SAC units disembark an aircraft. A sign reads : 'Welcome, 1969 SAC Missile Combat Competition'. The SAC units enters a building. The personnel receive well wishes. The SAC personnel work on various equipment during the competition. An announcer makes an announcement during the award ceremony. General Bruce K. Holloway, Commander-in-Chief of the SAC speaks. General Holloway congratulates each SAC personnel. The SAC personnel applaud. The award is given for the best maintenance wing and the best minute man wing Location: United States USA. Date: 1969.
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Strategic Air Command units
United States USA
Missile Combat Competition
General Bruce Holloway