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Mobile sources like trains, motor vehicles, aircraft causing air pollution in the metropolitan city area of Kansas City, United States.
Air pollution and city smog due to mobile sources in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Aerial view of traffic on modern highway with overpasses. Heavy equipment at a construction site. A bus on highway. View from above of a locomotive emitting smoke. Aerial view of tug boats moving barges on river. A jet airliner taking off with large smoke trails from its four engines. A large diesel truck on the highway, giving off heavy exhaust. Vehicle traffic on major highway. Layers of smoke and pollution over the entire Kansas City area, seen from an airplane. General aerial views over Kansas City from an aircraft of wind carrying smoke away from the area, smog during a thermal inversion condition; smoke rising from open burning in a residential area; a grain elevator; a power plant. A blazing fire raising dense black smoke pollution at a junk yard. Location: Kansas United States USA. Date: 1967.
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air pollution and smog
Kansas United States USA
Aerial views Kansas City 1960s
trains and tug boats
motor vehicles
city pollution