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Scenes from Operation Delaware by 1st Air Cavalry Division in the A Shau Valley during Vietnam War
Scenes from massive offensive by 1st Air Cavalry Division against the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) in A Shau Valley, during the Vietnam War. Film opens showing scattered wreckage of a U.S. Army UH-1H helicoptor damaged by enemy fire or by collision with obstacles during landing. As troops work to clear wreckage, another UH-1 lands precariously in the midst of debris. United States Army soldiers dismount. Other soldiers work around the crash site. Nearby, a contingent of troops is busy carving out a proper landing zone, using small tools and a number of chain saws. Two of them pass close by the camera, carrying a huge tree trunk. Troops employ chain saws close to one another as they work on the tangled underbrush and trees. In the background, one soldier chops smaller brush with a machete. (Note: It has been reported that these scenes depict elements of B Company, 227th Assault Helicopter battalion, at LZ Pepper, and the UH-1H seen landing might be from the 1st/9th "Head Hunters.") Location: A Shau Valley Vietnam. Date: April 22, 1968.
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Wrecked US Army UH1H helicopter
A Shau Valley Vietnam
American forces in Vietnam War
1st Air Cavalry Division
create landing zone
salvage equipment at crash site