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Dr Harry F. Ward, chairman of the American League Against War and Fascism, calls for a boycott on German international commerce
A mass gathering of concerned Americans in Madison Square Garden, New York City, following news of the Kristallnacht attacks on Jews in Germany a few weeks prior. Dr. Harry F. Ward of Union Theological Seminary, and chairman of the American League Against War and Fascism, addresses a huge crowd. He speaks about the emigration of the German Jewish citizens. He states that efforts should be made for the resettlement of the German Jews and the cost should be born by the Nazi German Government. The Government should make some arrangements in this regard. He proposes a boycott of all German International commerce. The crowd applauds. Location: New York City USA. Date: November 21, 1938.
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Dr Harry F Ward
New York City USA
Madison Square Garden
Anti Nazi response after Kristallnacht
American League Against War and Fascism