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Flamenco dancers perform during a Charity Carnival in Rota, Spain.
Charity Carnival in Rota, Spain. Flamenco dancer on stage. Small band in the background. Members of the troop clap their hands as a woman in a red-ruffled skirt dances in the foreground. Man plays the guitar, coming out on the stage performing with the dancers. Dancer's feet tapping on the floor. Flamenco dancer clapping her hands. A dancer and her male partner. Looking down over the feet of the couple during the dance. Smiling face of a dancer; her hands in motion. One of the dancers on the side line clapping her hands. Dancing feet of a male performer. A male performer. A band member strums a guitar. One of the male singers. Location: Rota Spain. Date: August 28, 1965.
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Rota Spain
Charity Carnival
Flamenco dancers
dancers clap hands
man plays guitar