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Paul Robeson, an American singer, actor and political activist gives a speech in New York City during his 46th birthday event.
Famous African American singer Paul Robeson, (Paul LeRoy Bustill Robeson) in New York City during a celebration event of Robeson?s 46th birthday and the anniversary of the Council on African Affairs. The event is at the 17th Regiment Armory in New York at 34th Street and Park Avenue. Paul Robeson gives a speech and excerpts of the speech are heard. He speaks about his life as an African American in America. He says that he is proud to be an African American American. He speaks about African American people and their progress looking to the future. He expresses his interest in knowing and appreciating different people, their languages and culture. He talks of the struggle of people all over the world to attain freedom. He speaks out against the growth of fascism in the world (speech is during World War 2). Lit candles are seen on the stage in the foreground and flags in the background. Location: New York City USA. Date: April 16, 1944.
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Paul Robeson speaks about African American struggle
New York City USA
African American singer Paul Robeson
gives a speech
candles lit