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Film about an American family celebrating Thanksgiving Day in 1954
A dramatized documentary, part of a film about Thanksgiving in America. Superimposed American flag and year 1954 appear briefly over members of a family seated at a table, with hands prayerfully folded, as the father says grace before their Thanksgiving dinner. The youngest member of the family, a boy, remains with hands folded and eyes closed, after the other members finish observing grace. His older brother remarks about this to him, whereupon, a conversation ensues involving all at the table, including a teenage girl and an elderly Aunt or Grandmother. The Father and mother also seem to interject comments as they dish up food and pass the plates to those seated at the table. At one point, the father speaks at some length in a warm, friendly, but authoritative manner to all assembled. Next, the family is seen in church. Suddenly, a vision of Benjamin Franklin is seen, in 18th Century garb, sitting alone in the church. He delivers some words of wisdom and then slowly rises from his pew and departs the church, at which point, the scene reverts back to the family in the church. They finish praying with the rest of the congregation, as the service ends. Location: United States USA. Date: 1954.
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American family celebrating Thanksgiving Day
United States USA
Family with heads bowed as father says grace
Members of family conversing all together
Family attending church service
Vision of Benjamin Franklin