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Nisei, the second Japanese generation in U.S. involve in various works after released from relocation home during World War II.
Relocation of Japanese ancestry people, in United States due to security reasons, during World War II. Military Police guard with rifle at the entrance of Japanese-American internment camp in Missouri. Nisei, the Japanese of second generation in United States, at various works and profession after released from the relocation centers. Nisei farmers work in sugar beet field. A couple leaving the center gets its details checked by Military Police official and gets in a bus. A family released from an evacuation home. Details of evacuees read by an officer. Nisei work at corn field in Illinois, mechanical machines. Nisei nurse at a hospital aids a woman. Nisei man drives tractor, work on machines, feeds chicken, work in potato farms, with printing machines, at candy factory. Nisei women work making dolls, in garment factory, break eggs for military supply and stitch flags. A Nisei at a book binding factory shows his salary check. Location: United States USA. Date: 1944.
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released Nisei
United States USA
relocation during World War II
Nisei at various factories
women make dolls