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U.S. Rangers and Filipino guerrillas rescue Allied prisoners from Japanese prison camp in Philippines during World War II.
On January 30, 1945, 121 members of the 6th Ranger Battalion and 286 Filipino guerrillas are seen setting out on a 30 mile trek behind Japanese lines, to free Allied prisoners of war (POWs) and civilians from a Japanese camp near Cabanatuan City, in the Philippines, during World War 2. They stretch out in a long, informal column as they traverse low flat lands and ford a wide shallow river. The men carry weapons and supplies (some on their heads) as they move along, almost like a Safari. Scene shifts to rescued prisoner, Major Emil P. Reed, U.s. Army Medical Corps,26th Cavalry. He was the senior officer among prisoners at the Cabanatuan prison camp number 1. He recounts being told by the Japanese Commandant that commencing January 7th, they were free at their own risk, but also assured them they would not be molested by the Japanese if they stayed within their regular camp area. Sergeant Samuel E. Goldy, Signal Corps, also speaks a few words about that period when Japanese were departing. Next the camera records the Rangers and Filipino guerillas returning with the approximately 500 freed POWs. Some Filipino women and children watch them return. At one point, the cadre climb aboard army trucks and continue their journey in a convoy. The POWs climb down from their trucks at the 92nd Evacuation Hospital, in Guimba, Luzon. Some take pleasure is simply lying down on the grass at the site. Many gather around hospital staff handing out packages of treats, including cigarettes, candy and the like. A couple of them express pleasure as they smoke cigarettes. Two frail and injured are seen hobbling with canes. Some appear seriously malnourished. A group are seen trying on new clothes. A British prisoner, Sergeant Robert Bell, Manchester Regiment, British Army, speaks of his experience. He was taken prisoner in Singapore and sent to Thailand where he worked to build a railway for the Japanese. Many prisoners died there from disease and malnutrition. He was one of a small number who survived after being on a Japanese ship with other prisoners when it was sunk by American dive bombers. Sergeant Walter Ring, of San Roque, Luzon, is seated, relaxed on a chair, as he recounts his experiences. Two young Filipino boys sit on the grass at his feet. He reaches to one, whom he says is his son Louis and to the other, his son Sam. His captivity began on Bataan in 1942. Finally, after rest and rehabilitation, the former POWs are seen heading away from the battle fronts to be transported back to the U.S.A. Location: Philippines. Date: January 30, 1945.
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Allied prisoners rescued from Cabanatuan prison camp
6th Ranger Battalion
Filipino guerrillas
receiving aid
Sergeant Walter Ring
Major Emil P Reed
Sergeant Samuel E Goldy
British Sergeant Robert Bell