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First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt speaks with women in forum discussion of the Woman's Centennial Congress at the Hotel Commodore in New York City.
Opening scene shows Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt being applauded as she takes her place at a speakers table during a forum discussion of the Women's Centennial Congress, at the Hotel Commodore in New York City. The woman introducing her states, among other things, "No one knows women in the United States better than she," and introduces her as the First Lady of the land, who will preside over our Round Table. Mrs. Roosevelt rises and speaks, emphasizing the goal of bringing about a civilized and peaceful world. She then begins to introduce delegates to the Round Table. Scene shifts to one woman speaking at the table where four others are also seated. Location: New York United States USA. Date: November 26, 1940.
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Eleanor Roosevelt
New York United States USA
Woman's Centennial Congress
Forum discussions
Delegates to the Round Table
Call for a civilized and peaceful world