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Travelogue of southern regions and landmarks in the United States in the mid 1980s
Travelogue of southern regions of the United States. Map highlights south regions and Caribbean Islands. Couple seated at picnic table at a State park enjoying a camping trip. The man tends the campfire while the woman writes. A young girl rides a bicycle in a campground, passing by a Recreational Vehicle (RV). A man plays golf at a golf course beside an Atlantic Ocean beach. Aerial view of old plantation style southern home. Women in traditional hoop skirts in front of home. Scenes from a music recording studio. Woman sings at microphone in studio. Technician adjusts levels on recording equipment. Reel to Reel tape making a recording. Dancers dance at a "Country Music USA" show, train passing through a forest. Scenes at amusement park: Flume ride, Roller coaster with loops, Castle at Walt Disney World; Main Street; Monorail, Epcot Center (all in Orlando, Florida). NASA rockets, Space Shuttle, general views of hangars and tourist areas at Cape Canaveral. Person in astronaut flight suit at space center poses with boy and girl visitors. A young woman lying in the sand at a beach tunes her boom box radio, as group plays volleyball behind her on the beach. Low aerial view as speed boat runs on water. Aerial view of Miami Beach, Florida, and Miami Beach strip areas. A group on the Florida beach getting sailboard lessons. A flamingo close-up. An orca whale pushes a man into the air during a sea aquarium show. Couple receives drinks poolside from a waitress. A couple on a hotel patio overlooking ocean. Men and women dancing at a discotheque or disco or dance club in typical 1980s fashions. People tour marshlands; a group in an airboat; tourists on paddle wheel steam boat Natchez and touring streets of downtown New Orleans Louisiana in horse drawn carriage. People have beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde. New Orleans night street scenes and Preservation Hall Jazz Band performs. Footage from boat on a swamp in Cajun country. Cajun restaurant kitchen scene with crawfish etouffee being prepared. Dancing to Cajun band. Location: United States USA. Date: 1986.
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Travelogue of 1980s USA southern landmarks
United States USA
Cape Canaveral
Miami Beach
Mississippi river
space shuttle