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Travelogue of Pacific Northwest regions of the United States, including Seattle and Alaska.
1980s travelogue of Pacific Northwest regions of the United States and Alaska. Map highlights Pacific North West regions. Pictures show people and sites located in Mid West regions. View of oncoming Amtrak passenger railroad train approaching camera position as it crosses a bridge. Coast line views of ocean and inland views of waterfall. Elevated view of coastal areas in Washington state. A small waterway by a coastal village. A child is helped in reeling in a salmon fish catch on a boat. Ship crew nets the salmon. View of fresh salmon fish being grilled on barbecue grill. Views of ferry and ship in harbor at Seattle. View of space needle tower in Seattle. A lumber man competition shows hatchet or axe throwing contest, a two man sawing contest to cut a felled tree. Two young men in a log rolling contest in water. Ag group of people river rafting on rapids. Sled dogs running in snow pulling a sled. View from sled position of dogs pulling sled. View of Mount McKinley or Denali peak as seen from across a lake (possibly Wonder Lake). A group of native people, possibly eskimo, perform a traditional dance. View of a totem pole, two grizzly bears running on a shore line, big horn sheep in a herd, a passenger ship passing near a calving glacier. Passengers observe the glacial landscape. A glacier breaking (calving) and dropping a large piece into water. Orca or "killer whale" lightly breaching the surface of the water. View of a harbor with boats and low mountains in distance behind a bay area in Alaska. Wide view of a passenger bus traveling on a road in Alaska with a glacier in the distance behind. Yellow flowers close-up. A passenger ferry ship slowly moving on a bay of water. Location: United States USA. Date: 1986.
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1980s landmarks of pacific northwest United States
United States USA
glacier calving
Seattle harbor
passenger ship glacier viewing
Space Needle
totem pole
eskimo dance
Orca whale breaching