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The Beatles perform in Blokker, Netherlands
British pop group The Beatles perform in the Netherlands. The Beatles arrive in Amsterdam on a Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) flight, where they are greeted by throngs of fans at Schiphol airport (Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol, Netherlands). Fangirls wave to The Beatles from the airport balcony. Dutch boys cheering in delight. Crowds of Dutch teenage fans wave and cheer for the iconic British group. Children in traditional Dutch attire follow The Beatles as they leave the airport. The Beatles ride a boat along one of the canals of Amsterdam. Crowds line up on both the sides of the canal. Fans display a sign for Ringo Starr, who is absent due to an illness. Some kids try to come close to them by swimming in the canal. The police pull them out of the water and into the boat. Audience gathered to watch their performance in Blokker. The Beatles performing a concert. Dutch beer Heineken is displayed onstage. Fans shaking their heads and cheering during the sold-out concert. An elderly man attends a Beatles concert. Beatle fans dancing the "Twist". Some fans watch from the ceiling rafters. Several fans faint. Location: Veilinghal Op Hoop Van Zegen Blokker Netherlands. Date: June 6, 1964.
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Veilinghal Op Hoop Van Zegen Blokker Netherlands
crowd of teenagers
crowd cheering