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Street scenes near Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Streets in Los Angeles, California circa 1950
Street level view near the southeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles, California. View facing north on Vine Street. A car towing a three-wheel motorcycle turns east onto Hollywood Blvd. Late 1940s and early 1950s automobiles driving on the street. Camera pans westward and other buildings are seen looking north on Vine, including the El Capitan Theatre at 1735 North Vine Street (now the Avalon Hollywood nightclub), the Ontra Cafeteria at 1719 North Vine Street (now the Redbury Hotel at 1717 North Vine), the Melody Lane cafe at the northwest corner of Hollywood and Vine, and the Harris and Frank store on Hollywood Boulevard. Brief view of a streetcar or trolley going west on Hollywood Boulevard. Street level camera view then shifts to the southeast corner of Ivar Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard, looking west on Hollywood Blvd. Theater marquee of the Admiral Theatre (later the Vine Theatre) is seen across the street at 6321 Hollywood Boulevard. Beyond it, looking west, is the Security Pacific Bank building at 6381 Hollywood Boulevard, and beyond that are the Warners Radio Towers for station KFWB atop the Warner Bros Theatre. Pedestrians walking on sidewalks, and cars and trucks on the street. Scene shifts to various elevated views of Los Angeles with a heavy smog layer settled over the city. Location: Los Angeles California USA. Date: 1950.
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Hollywood and Vine in 1950
Los Angeles California USA
El Capitan Theatre
Los Angeles smog
Ontra Cafeteria
Warners Radio Towers KFWB
Admiral Theatre