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Palestinian Arab refugee children at the Dar El Tifl orphanage in Bethlehem
Palestinian Refugee children at the Dar El Tifl orphanage for homeless Muslim and Christian refugee children in East Jerusalem, run by Hind Husseini. Children orphaned from violence in Jaffa, Haifa, and other cities to the north. View of Church of the Nativity. View of the Church of All Nations. Scenes from the Dar El Tifl orphanage for children. Orphanage founder, Hind Husseini, teaches young girls in an open area on the grounds of her home, which she converted into the orphanage. Girl writes in Arabic on the blackboard. Young boys work in the garden and play soccer on the grounds of Ms. Husseini's orphanage. Children eat food while seated at a table. Toddler cries. Two children sleep on one bed. Older women refugee workers make dresses. Boys make shoes and tin cups. Carpenters make furniture in workshop. View of Jordan River. Location: East Jerusalem. Date: 1950.
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Dar El Tifl orphanage
East Jerusalem
Jordan River
Hind Husseini
Church of the Nativity