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Kenneth Clark interviews Malcolm X on civil rights movement of African Americans in the United States.
A poster advertising an event featuring Malcolm X and black muslims. Malcolm X exits a car. Flashback scene to African American civil rights demonstrators being repelled with water from fire hoses and police arresting some. Malcolm X addresses a gathering. Doctor Kenneth Clark, Professor of Psychology at the City College of New York; Director of Fallen Youth Opportunities Unlimited and Research Director, North Pride Center for Interpretation, interviews Malcolm X on civil right movement of African Americans. Malcolm X speaks about condition of black people in America and the Supremacy of God. Topics also include comparisons of Malcolm X positions to White Supremacy, and discussions of anti-semitism, guilt of white people, muslim faith, immorality of western society and separation from western society, and self-defense by African Americans in the face of violence. Location: United States USA. Date: 1963.
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Malcolm X speaks on Civil rights movement
United States USA
police brutality
Kenneth Clark interview
condition of African Americans in America