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Jews pray at the Wailing Wall during the Jewish New Year in Jerusalem.
Israelis offer prayers of joy and thanks during the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), in the holy city of Jerusalem, a few months after the Six Day War. Jewish men and women touch the Western Wall (Suq El Qatanin St, Jerusalem), also known as the Wailing Wall, and offer prayers. Huge crowd gathered to celebrate the Jewish New Year. Jewish men wearing prayer shawls (Tallit) read from the holy books and pray. Jewish women wearing head coverings over modern clothes stand in front of the Western Wall. Women offering prayers in the Western Wall. Some rubble visible from the demolition of the Moroccan Quarter for the Western Wall Plaza. Location: Jerusalem Israel. Date: October 5, 1967.
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Jewish New Year at Western Wall
Jerusalem Israel
prayers of joy and thanks
Wailing Wall
read from holy book