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The interstate highway system in America
A man rides a two-wheeled dune bike on the shoreline at Jensen beach, Florida. Cars move on multi-lane Interstate Highway. Many 1970s cars seen. Signs with distances and directions along the roadside and above the highways. Signs for Interstates 40; Hwy 95 in Virginia;Hwy 65 at Birmingham Alabama;Hwy 75 N to Atlanta and S to Macon and Florida;Hwy 80 in Iowa; Hwy 85 in Georgia; and Hwy 15 in Montana. Other destinations include: Chattanooga,Knoxville,and Louisville. Cars repaired in a garage. A car moves out of the garage and takes to the highway. Cars, bikes and buses on a highway. Cars loaded onto a car-carrier truck and transported along the Interstate Highway. A Continental Trailways bus on a highway. Point of view shot from moving vehicle driving on highways near Washington DC area. Location: United States USA. Date: 1975.
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Interstate Highway System
United States USA
Jensen beach
Continental trailways
cars on the highway