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Allied troops invade and advance in France during World War II.
Allied invasion of France during World War II. 4,000 Allied ships underway at sea towards the Cherbourg peninsula. Allied soldiers move down a net onto landing crafts on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Allied planes bombard the area and Naval artillery fires heavily. Scenes of various Allied Soldiers landing at Normandy beaches, including U.S. Army forces and British and Canadian forces. (Canadian forces landing at Juno Beach.) Troops wade through water. German assault from gun emplacements kills Allied soldiers during landing. Dead U.S. Army soldiers on the beach. Wounded soldiers provided medical aid by. German Prisoners of War marched away. A french man carries a U.S. flag near a group of U.S. soldiers at the "BERNIERES" station in the town of Bernières. Allied aircraft drop bombs over bridges and explosions occur. Heavier military equipment moved in by Allies. Allied troops advance in various towns of France. Captured German equipment piled up high. Supreme Commander General Eisenhower visits the area and is seen together with General Bradley and British Field Marshal Montgomery. Location: France. Date: June 6, 1944.
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DDay and after invasion scenes World War 2
invasion of France
treating the wounded
General Omar Bradley
Bernieres train station on DDay