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Examination of the effects of First Thermonuclear test by China.
Events related to China's First Thermonuclear Test. Mushroom cloud rises in the sky. Results of the thermonuclear test are studied. Test dogs in underground bunkers are found to be more protected then those on the surface during the test. Man shoes eggs laid by chicken after the test. Monkeys in sheltered headquarters are discovered completely protected from the effects of the blast. Exposed test buildings on the surface are completely destroyed but the semi underground buildings are in good condition. View of germinated seeds that germinated even after being exposed to the test. Crops in field continue to grow even after being exposed. People buy newspapers, cheer and celebrate on streets in China. English translation overlays Chinese narration. Location: China. Date: October 1966.
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thermonuclear test results
exposed test buildings
monkeys in shelters
germinated seeds