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United States soldiers in combat with Japanese forces in towns and in city of Manila, Philippines (WW2)
Street fighting in Asia during World War II (Pacific Theater). Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighter takes off from field. P-47 fighters dive bombing Japanese-occupied towns as American infantry squads advance in battle-scarred town. The U.S. soldiers employ rifles, bazookas, rifle grenades, hand grenades, and flame throwers (which destroy wood and other lightly constructed buildings). Americans advance under fire from Japanese snipers and return fire. United States soldiers use flamethrowers on wooden houses. A dead Japanese sniper in rubble of building. A Japanese soldier running to surrender, carrying a white flag. A staged exercise in a Burmese village, to demonstrate proper techniques for combating occupying enemy in such a setting. Huts and building in village. Soldier signals other soldiers. Two persons acting as Japanese soldiers inside a building. American soldiers wade through water. Acting Japanese soldier walks to the river side with an empty bucket. American soldier attacks the acting Japanese soldier from behind. Views of various Japanese cities, like Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagoya. Traffic with pedestrians on road. Smoke arising from U.S. artillery shelling of Manila. U.S. Army artillery battery firing field pieces at targets in Manila. Smoke in the streets during the 1945 Battle of Manila. U.S. Soldiers advance through burning Filipino buildings. They advance in groups. U.S. soldiers firing in streets and helping wounded soldier to cross street in front of the import-export business Levy and Blum Inc (345 Echague, Quiapo, Manila, Philippines). They take cover behind rubble. Soldiers engage in street fighting against the Japanese in front of boarded store in Ongpin street, Binondo (Manila Chinatown district). Troops pass by a wrecked building. U.S. soldiers gathered around a chart. They fire gun from hole in wall. Soldiers check houses for booby-traps. Soldier at window of building. Tanks and troops advance. Smoke screen in street. Soldier talks into radio. Captured Japanese march under guard. Location: Manila Philippines. Date: 1945.
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