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Arrival of various dignitaries to attend the Inaugural Ceremonies at the Capitol for Ronald Reagan, Washington DC.
Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies for Ronald Reagan in the United States. West face of the United States Capitol. North Portico of the White House. Ceremony at the White House for participants. Shows Vice President Walter Mondale, his wife, Vice President elect George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush, arriving at the White House. Senator Howard Baker and Representative Robert Michael including members of Joint Congressional Committee arrive to attend the Inaugural Ceremony. President Jimmy Carter, and his wife, Rosalyn Carter, President elect Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Reagan, are accompanied to the White House by Senator Mark Hatfield and Chairman of the Inaugural Committee. Guests arriving on Presidential platform in the Capitol include Senator Barry Goldwater, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General David Jones, General Omar Bradley, Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller and the families of the President, the President elect, the Vice President and the Vice President elect. The procession of official guests begins with House of the Representatives led by Dean of the House Jamie Whitten. Nation's Governors begin to enter the Inaugural site. Senator Strom Thurmond and procession of Senators enter. Location: Washington DC USA. Date: January 20, 1981.
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Ronald Reagan
Washington DC USA
Jimmy Carter
General David Jones
White House
Mrs Nelson Rockefeller
Presidential Inauguration