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Russian and American forces in Torgau; German officials sign surrender documents at the end of World War II.
German officials surrender at the end of World War II. American and Russian troops meet near the river Elbe in Torgau Germany. United States General Reinhardt meets Soviet Army General Rusakov. Representatives of the German Army, wearing civilian clothing, sign a surrender document at Allied Mediterranean Headquarters in Italy, yielding Italy and Austria. W.D. Morgan signs for the Allies, on behalf of Supreme Mediterranean Commander Alexander. Massive American Flag raised to cover the giant swastika symbol at outdoor stadium in Nuremberg. Then in a later shot, the Nazi Swastika symbol is destroyed (blown-up) by American troops at the Nuremberg Stadium (Zeppelinfeld) in Germany. Location: Germany. Date: 1945.
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World War 2 Allies meet in Torgau
General Reinhardt
Soviet General Rusakov
Nuremberg Stadium or Zeppelinfeld
Swastika blownup
Surrender in Italy