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Trucks are used for transporting oranges, eggs, milk, sugar, potatoes and other articles in the United States.
A film about the importance of trucking industry in the United States. A person turns on a shower. View of a shower head with water running from it. A man works with a water pipeline. A car parked in the background. A woman places bread in a vintage electric toaster on a breakfast table. A truck near an electric pole. A man works on a power line. Breakfast laid on a table. Orange juice in a glass. Men load crates of orange juice bottles in trucks. Cream in a jar on a table. Men load cans of milk. Egg served in a plate. A truck loaded with crates of eggs. Trucks transport articles. A women puts sugar cubes in a coffee mug. A crane lowers sacks of sugar on a truck. Automobile traffic on a road. A woman stops in front of a produce market grocery, talks to the grocer and looks at celery that he is selling. A truck parked in front of a farm field with some boxes near by to gather harvest. Men load potato sacks on a truck. A truck loaded with pork backs in a stock yard. Beef cattle carried in a truck leaving a large barn with sign "Peterson Bros Herefords of Quality" (Peterson Brothers Herefords in Roy, Utah). A butcher hangs meats in a butcher shop. Refrigerators loaded in a truck. Men carry furniture out of a factory. Trucks transport articles and fabrics. Men unload crates from trucks. Trucks loaded with logs. The logs are dropped in water by trucks at dock side, for transport to a lumber mill. Views of various Ford trucks. Location: United States USA. Date: 1940.
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trucking industry in the United States circa 1940
United States USA
potato sacks
refrigerators loaded
Beef cattle
produce market
food on breakfast table