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Various scenes of Puerto Rico. Views of churches in different settings. The University of Puerto Rico, buildings and library.
Opening scene shows a young girl with her hair blowing in a windy spot, and the dome of the Puerto Rican Capitol building visible behind her. Passengers ride in a wooden bodied station wagon, down a steep inclined street. As they pass a local policeman, their tailgate is seen to be filled with bananas and plantains. A large church complex tucked into a valley with hills in background. Another church halfway up a hill overlooking a town. A significant big city church with parishioners on its steps. An ancient historic-looking abandoned church building. Sign at a church reading: "St. John. Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas." Another church sign (name of church not visible) stating: "Built 1882;" and announcing schedule of services. Cars driving past what may be a mosque. Cover of a book entitled: " Poesía Puertorriqueña." (Puerto Rican Poetry). Park-like setting of University of Puerto Rico, with a complex of buildings across the street, including the university clock tower. A girl paging through a large book. She pauses and laughs. A shelf of books in the university library, with titles including: Books of Leonardo da Vinci; Babes in the Darkling Wood by HG Wells; Abraham Lincoln, the War Years, by Carl Sandburg; and numerous other significant literary works. A newspaper boy runs past a girl on a sidewalk, carrying an armload of books. Location: Puerto Rico. Date: 1941.
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Girl on windy day with Puerto Rican Capitol dome in background
Puerto Rico
Numerous views of churches
The University of Puerto Rico
Books in the University library
Puerto Rican policeman
University clock tower