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Youth march in Warsaw, Harry Truman and other political effigies paraded during the Cold War
Communist youth rally in Warsaw during the Cold War. Participants carry two large posters bearing the images of Joseph Stalin and Polish President Dr. Boleslaw Bierut. Polish drummers march. Polish flags are being waved. Polish people clap in unison as they watch the youth rally. Polish official wave with rose bouquet. North Korean youth delegates, wearing the North Korean Pioneer uniform, march in Warsaw Youth Rally with the North Korean flag and posters of Supreme Leader of North Korea and President Kim Il-Sung and Chinese Communist Leader Mao Zedong. North Korean youth delegates waving flowers and flags in the air during Youth Rally. Polish Youth Rally participants marching. Polish President Dr. Boleslaw Bierut claps during rally. Polish spectators clap in unison from building. Youth rally marching with Stalin's poster in Warsaw. Polish youth rally participants carry large letters spelling "WROCLAW" and the coat of arms of Wroclaw, Poland. Polish youth rally participants carry letters spelling cities in Poland. Female polish youth carry flags during youth rally. Youth rally participants carry posters of communist figures and a model of the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science. Polish couple, the woman wearing a floral headscarf and the man with sunglasses, watch the rally. An political effigy of United States President Harry Truman, depicted holding a Nazi Swastika wand, is being paraded during the youth rally. Effigies of rats with top hats, skeletons and Nazi Swastikas, are being paraded around Warsaw by Polish youth during rally. Polish officials watch from review platform. Polish youth rally marching. Location: Warsaw Poland. Date: July 20, 1952.
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Warsaw Youth Rally
Warsaw Poland
North Korean delegates
Harry Truman