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Allied ground forces unload supplies on the beach, French woman welcomes Allied soldiers during Invasion of Normandy (D-Day) in WW2
Allied soldiers fighting in battle during the Invasion of Normandy (D-Day) in World War 2. A house is on fire, with explosion. An artillery piece on the beach. United States soldiers wearing leaf camouflage helmets, march on the beach. A ship on fire in background as allied ground forces unload supplies from ships, barrage balloons floating in the sky above them. British soldiers unload from a landing craft on beach. Soldiers, with backpacks and carrying rifles, explore ruins and devastated town, crouching and sometimes ducking as they progress. A U.S. Army tank (M4A2 Sherman III Duplex Drive "Donald Duck" tank) reverses next to railroad tracks while soldiers take cover next to wall. British troops following Sherman tank as it surges forward. Soldiers kneeling in village. French woman shakes hands with Allied soldiers as they enter a town along railroad line with tanks. Location: France. Date: June 6, 1944.
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DDay invasion
house fire
railroad town conquer
French woman
British troops landing
M4A2 Sherman III Duplex Drive Donald Duck tank