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Montage of scenes depicting D-day landings and convoys to Normandy in World War II
U.S. Navy officers and sailors aboard a landing craft still at port in England, pose with chart of their destination in Normandy, France, during World War 2. They all raise their caps for the cameraman. U.S. troops fill deck of a large landing craft infantry (film reversed). Views of other landing craft underway. U.S. troops standing aft on a ship. View of a destroyer escort ship. Landing craft underway in moonlight. Barrage balloon visible overhead. A camouflaged Benham class destroyer passing abeam the camera ship. More views of landing craft and barrage balloons. Officer aboard ship using a telescope. A Destroyer escort and another view of the Benham class destroyer. (These color sequences are reversed) Black and White sequence 02:36 to 03:39 shows members of the Canadian North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment approaching and landing on D-day, at La Rive Plage,Bernieres-sur-Mer, France. Scenes are interposed with some of U.S. troops wading ashore at Omaha Beach. At time code 03:40, Troops of the U.S. Army First Division, the "Big Red One," are seen wading ashore on Omaha beach, from Higgins boats of the transport ship, USS Samuel Chase. (APA-26). U.S. soldiers reaching the beach from the surf, as two fall to German gunfire. Location: Normandy France. Date: June 6, 1944.
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Allied invasion of Normandy
Normandy France
U.S. Army First Division
Utah Beach
Landing Craft Infantry
Destroyer Escort
Benham Class Destroyer
Canadian North Shore New Brunswick Regiment