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Gang Busters Serial Trailer
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Movie trailer for the serial Gang Busters. A cop blows a whistle beneath a street lamp and sign at the corner of Hell's Kitchen. Closeup of a prison guard firing a tommy gun. Silhouetted guards in tower on candlestick phone. Several closeups of tabletop radio. Lots of kitschy title cards superimposed over shots of racing police cars, cops grabbing guns, etc. A Model T style car knocks down a street lamp. Tracking shot of motorcycle cops at night. Cast credits superimposed over principal leads. Two window washers fire shots into office. Shots of cops and detectives huddled around desk. Lots of fighting behind superimposed titles of serial chapters. Men fight in a cockpit, killing pilot in process. Man forces woman to stand on car running board as he rams roadblock, crashes through cliffside guardrail.


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