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F.I.L.M Archives
N0701, 2860B, 2906B, 3717B, 1311B


Civil rights workers together
MLK seen
bus pulls out of bus depot headed for Dallas. Aerial of bus on a rural road. White and black man smoking on bus. POV driving down street. Guards outside bus terminal. People get off bus. Freedom Riders jailed. Montgomery church. Martin Luther King says that troops are on their way. National Guard. Freedom Riders off bus. Integrated waiting room in bus terminal. Black and white man in bus terminal. Still of burning bus. Freedom Riders off bus. MLK speaks. Stills of Freedom Rider board. Bus on highway. Rearview mirror. Freedom Riders on bus. Side POV from bus. Freedom Rider interviewed about experiences. Freedom Riders onto bus. MLK on bus. Protestors on street. "White Waiting Room"
"Colored Waiting Room" signs. Sit-ins and freedom rides.