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15 MIN
boy walks into little red school house school, town, fields train passes factories, houses man runs spinning-wheel device, man milks cow, office worker talks on phone, doctor examines child, all on same screen three college buildings people college students listen to professor in cap, gown, doctor, lawyer, professor, butcher, baker, buggy whip maker professor carries stack of books, film cans, or large gold coins factory worker holds same professor pulls down screen labeled BIRTH RATE line shows birth rate growth line shows growth of STUDENT ENROLLMENT line shows growth of NATIONAL WEALTH professor watches car full of wild 1910 students pass car full of wild 1960 students passes town, airport, factories scientists work machines, cows, office workers, doctor tends patient, all in same screen factory outline: men in caps and gowns work at desks factory outline changes to test tubes outline, scientists work in lab test tubes outline changes to Capitol Building outline, workers work at desks Capitol outline changes to Pentagon outline, army officers work at desks people in caps, gowns (seen again) people people in various occupations professor puts math formula on board professor, doctor, lawyer, businessman next to stacks of gold coins people of various occupations drive cars professor's car bucks, bounces, dies professor throws away cap, gown, approaches factory professor enters door marked PROFESSORS WANTED VACATIONS PENSIONS TOP PAY OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVANCEMENT PROFIT SHARING boy at desk draws, in notebook, stick figures holding bags of money, labels them PROF, ENGINEER professor pulls down screen labeled BIRTH RATE 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 line shows rise in birth rate school outline labeled STUDENT ENROLLMENT 1960 1970 profs in school outline college buildings question mark Dollar sign $ changes to stack of gold coins labeled 4 1/2 BILLION, outline of school, stacks of gold under: pipe, liquor bottle, sports equipment, jockey on horse art: stacks of coins grow higher, money amounts grow higher as years of 60s pass coins fall into new stack, which floats past students coins fall into new stack in front of college building coins fall in front of professor, who stands next to doctor, lawyer coins fall in front of people of various occupations, some of whom change to professors coins fall in front of college buildings question mark question mark in front of gold coins capitol buildings buildings labeled PHILANTHROPIC FOUNDATION, UNION HALL, UNIVERSITY college building labeled ALDER HALL, banner reads HOMECOMING, sign DONATED BY CLASS OF 1929 various workers in cutaway building hands write checks for college funds office buildings, factories (seen again) company PRESIDENT talks on phone, factory BG, cap appears on head, he pushes buttons, capped men enter man talks sternly to meeting, some wear caps scientists wear caps, work in lab coins fall into stack 500 MILLION question mark stack of coins stack of coins grows from school outline past US map full of factories (seen again) coins fall into Erlenmeyer flask, liquid drips from flask, turns into coins 500 MILLION, all in outline map of US (seen again) stacks of coins 250 BILLION, coin expands, turns to wedge 500 MILLION coins in school outline professor looks at stack of coins labeled PALEOZOIC PSYCHIC PHENOMENA professor sees collapsed LIBRARY coins fall college buildings AUDITORIUM conductor bows, conducts SCIENCE building microscope, hypodermic, plants grow around them building man works big stone age computer submarine submerged college buildings (seen again) people students in caps, gowns US map globe, silhouette of student FG foreign buildings, vases, musical instruments, people US founding fathers, Abe Lincoln, Vikings, scientists through the ages including Newton, Einstein silhouettes of students, globe BG student walks to modern building, casts large shadow on brick wall