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10 MIN
Wedding photo developed in darkroom Teen works in darkroom Teen exits darkroom with photo, shows to photographer CU wedding photo Aptitude test in graph form (shows aptitudes in chart form) Counselor hands book to teen Kid holds job handbooks People at work, shipping clerk, airplane pilot, dentist, sculptor mailman, traffic cop, woman at huge adding machine, scientist, welder Men at home construction site, build suburban home Dam (NICE) Teen reads occupational planning book in living room Teen reads book (studies) at desk, page from handbook detailing skills needed for different jobs Teen thinks Blueprint photographer, photoengraver at work Draftsman at work (drafting table) Teen knocks on office door, sees advisor, shakes hands, sits Teen shows resume to counselor, counselor hands over trade journals (Modern Photographer, Cinematographer) Counselor writes down note and hands it to teen, get up and shakes hand Teen with pile of books in library, goes through books Copies of magazines (Cinematography, Modern Photographer, A/V Guide, Educational Screen, Film World) piled up on atop the other (NICE) Teen studies in library Teen looks up photography in encyclopedia, takes notes Postcards with different addresses piled up Teen visits motion picture set (NICE), lighting director shows off meter Kid speaks to draftsman Kid shakes hands with photostatic printer, shows off equipment Kid shakes hands with portrait photographer, stands near camera Teen pulls down screen, switches off lights, 16mm film projected Teen watches film (of news photographer in action) Teen approaches 'GUIDANCE OFFICE' and enters and talks to counselor Teen flips through photos in office (girls portraits hung on wall) Different pictures of people at work flipped through