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18 MIN
Young boy and girl walk (briskly) toward school compound Capitol Hill (panoramic shot) Semi-circle assembly in Congress (bird's eye shot) Bill proposals being dropped into box Men with tie collecting documents from piles Man in suit sorting documents CU sign: Document Room CU S-2 bill Senator James Murray of Montana (speaks on education) Congressman Lee Metcalf of Montana Office full of congressmen and senators CU sign: Office Banking & Currency Committee CU sign: Aeronautical and Space Sciences Executive Session CU various signs on door Gentlemen and ladies in conservative business attire standing around hall Dr. William G. Carr (NEA executive secretary) being interviewed Senator Listor Hill of Alabama Senator Pat McNamara of Michigan Senator Ralph Yarlborough of Texas Senator John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky Senator Jacob Javits of New York Senator Clifford Case of New Jersey Murray fiddling with mallet Dr. Walter Heller (economic consultant), brother of Mark Chart of GNP and Public Education Expenditures Several states shown as diagrams with monetary figures News cameraman shooting Dr. Heller's economic statement Young boy and girl exiting school compound