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Little boy wearing straw hat sits in boat. Father fishes in boat. CU hand reeling in fishing line. CU fish flipping about as it is lifted by the rod. CU fish in hand held net. Little boy smiles as net holding the fish is lowered into the boat. Little girl picks berries from bush with mother. Little girl watches the fishing boat come to shore. Boy waves from the boat. Little girl waves to the boy, mother raises pail of berries. Father puts net into the beached boat, calls out to the boy. Little boy raises the caught fish proudly. CU boys eyes looking pensive. Four (4) glass bottles of a soft drink (7 Up) stand in front of pile of raspberries. Camera pans from the above to an ice cream cone and cake. Old man pumps gasoline into a tank. Boy watches as hand pours motor oil. CU hand sealing the tank. Father places the tank into the boat as boy watches. Illustrated outline of a boy's body. Illustrations of various kinds of cells, arrows point to different ones. Outline of boy's body is filled in with drawing of the digestive organs. CU of the profile of boy's head filled in with drawings of teeth in eating motion. Outline of boy's body shows food being passed through esophagus to the stomach. CU drawing of the stomach contracting. Drawing of lining of small intestine. Father stands by as boy places box on picnic table on the campgrounds. Illustration of cluster of fruits and vegetables. Illustration of the four food groups in each corner of the screen ('sweet foods and foods made from flour give you quick energy') with the graphic 'Energy' in the middle of the food group drawings. The 'Fats And Oils' drawing (butter, carton of cream, bottle of oil) is highlighted next. 'Eggs Meat And Cheese' drawing is highlighted next. CU hand flipping fish filets over with spatula in frying pan. Boy lifts bottle of milk, bunch of carrots, and plastic pitcher out of box on the ground onto the picnic table. Picnic by the stream/lake. CU boy's hands pouring the milk into the pitcher. CU hands pouring a metal can of juice into glass pitchers. Little boy and girl wash hands using water in a portable basin. CU fried fish in frying pan sits over grill on open fire. Mother sits at the picnic table. Boy pours milk into glass for her. Boy carries frying pan carefully. Little girl carries plate of sliced white bread to the table. CU dish with tomato salad on the side, a spoon deposits some sort of mayonnaise salad on other side. The entire family sits at the picnic table eating. Mother lifts large metal pail of raspberries from under the picnic table. Little boy smiles. CU bowl of raspberries on the table. The End. End credits.