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F.I.L.M Archives
Film Original
21 MIN
Washington Monument through trees. Associated Press teletype machines in pressroom. Motorcycle cops in formation for parade. Marching band parade. Crowd cheers band. Clown in parade. Floats for various states. Clowns. Marine band. Debutantes wave from floats. Bands on floats. WACS in parade. Military bands. Crowd watches parade. Crowed streets of Washington. Marine inspects soldier's rifle at Arlington. Jefferson Memorial. Scenic wooded drive. Capitol building. Wide view of Capitol building. The Mall. Washington Monument reflected in the reflection pool. Capitol building. Signs in front of various government department buildings (NASA/DEFENSE) Man walks up steps of Supreme Court building. Sign: Executive Building. Students get off of tour bus. Women walk along mall. Guide tells about Washington Monument to student crowd. Pan up Washington Monument. Mount Vernon house. Tour guide on boat gives tour. Passing tour boat on stream. Guide in car. Money being printed, stacked, cut. Woman inspects stacks of bills. Machine counts bills. Tour guide gives tour of FBI headquarters. FBI files. Woman goes through files. Man shoots machine gun. Guide lectures to tour group in mosque. Bus driver with microphone gives tour of gardens. Shots of gardens. National Gallery. Woman listens to recorded guided tour. Paintings in national gallery. Sculpture. Woman in gallery listens to recorded tour. Boy listens to recorded tour. Elephant display in Museum of Natural History. Various displays. Iwo Jima monument. Statue of raising flag at Okinawa. Military parades. Speedboats soar by. Cherry blossoms. Beauty pageant. Eternal torch for John F. Kennedy. Fountain in front of Capitol. Pan down from dome. Wide shot of Capitol. Crowded line goes into White House. Guide talks to tourist. Various rooms of the White House. Guide with group at Supreme Court building. Crowds climb steps of Library of Congress. Shot of Guttenberg Bible. Gettysburg address. Fancy interior of Library of Congress. Woman reads Braille book. Man looks in card catalog. Woman at desk answers phone. Woman at typewriter. Tourists take pictures. Man operates earth mover. Construction site. People get off plane. Sign for Chamber of Commerce. Sign for Teamsters. Crowds on streets. Men look over radar tower. Signs for various companies (IBM, RCA, Union Carbide, etc). Signs for various organizations (American Legion, CIO, AMA, all for lobbying). People in restaurant. Church. Watergate Hotel. Mosque. National cathedral House office building. Washington Monument. Statue of Lincoln. Arlington National Cemetery. Tourists look at Declaration of Independence. Soldiers at grave of the Unknown Soldier. American flag waves over Washington.