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17:00:00:00,1960s car on road, Young female driver with male passenger (Dad), Female driver talks to camera, POV shot of driver watching road, Driver allows other car to pass, Teen in sporty convertible drives down road, in near accident, Teacher (very straight-laced) behind desk says "out of control", Various cars down road, POV driving down road at night, CU speedometer at 65 mph, Tailgater almost has accident, Student demonstrates braking at elaborate simulator with lights and clock, Teacher writes on blackboard "50 or 1/2 sec", Car tailgates second car on highway, Teacher holds two toy cars, demonstrates keeping distance, POV down highway, Car passing car, car rounds curve, CU of speedometer at 70 mph, Truck tailgates car, car behind truck, passes truck, Teacher describes centrifugal force with an oversized scale, White car on road, String and weight spin around to demonstrate centrifugal force, POV down rural road, Car on road at night, POV down road at night, Teacher drives toy car into toy fence, Night driving down street, person crosses road in front of car, Oncoming headlights, CU speedometer moving up, Various car on open road, Female driver drives off