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03:08:00:00,CU Brandy Rand scrapbook (ace aviator), Kids argue on a small town street corner about pilot Rand, little girl pushes boy, Truck with speakers announces Rand's arrival at fairgrounds, Kids follow truck, Fairgrounds, crowd looks up at plane and claps (nice), 1920s plane flies over crowd, Kids looks up, CU loudspeakers, Pilot Rand and co-pilot in cockpit, Plane nose dives and spins, Co-pilot looks down at crowd, he signals Rand, Boy holds other boy's head who has a bandage on his neck and is looking down, Rand climbs down on to wing, Rand jumps, co-pilot wishes him well with crossed fingers, Crowd looks anxious as Rand falls, CU Rand holds open sack as lie falls (trailing white), Young Tommy Tompkins follows falling Rand on a bike (nice), little girl races after, CU Rand falls against a town backdrop (parachuting), Rand falls in pond, Tompkins calls out to him, Tompkins paddles boat to struggling Rand, Rand holds on to boat as Tompkins talks, Rand climbs in and together they pull in parachute, Tompkins talks as he rows then to shore, Young Betty Lou runs towards pond, Tex Raffrey, Rand's pal, lectures to him about the jump, Betty Lou asks if Tompkins is okay, Men laugh at them, Two men and boy ride in truck's cab and talk, Boys watch as the truck goes by, they look shocked, Rand waves to boys and Tompkins smiles, Betty Lou on the back of the truck sticks her tongue out at boys (nice), Tompkins' bedroom: Rand fingers model airplane, Tompkins on training rig, Rand plays on training rig, Tompkins turns wheel while Rand pretends to fly, Rand laughs and slaps Tompkins on the back, Tompkins shows scrapbook to Rand, Rand encourages Tompkins to fly (nice), inspiring speech, CU Hand touches scrapbook, Newspaper headline of aviation innovators and dates (1927-1938) (NICE, REAL!), Grown-up Tompkins' hand on scrapbook, He talks to Paul Smith, owner of the Three Triangle Airlines about finances and bomb test, Grown-up Betty Lou and Skeeter sing, dance and carry groceries, Betty Lou, Skeeter and Tompkins sing about new bombing device and flying lessons, Paul Smith and military men watch bombing test through binocular, Tompkins looks down and talks on radio, Betty Lou on the ground on the radio, she crosses her fingers, CU Altimeter in plane, BeeGee type miniplane in flight (nice), Smith talks to military men about device, he describes blueprint, Tompkins and Skeeter motion to each other, Smith talks to Tompkins, Back view Winslow, Anita and Rand watch target, Binocular view of target and plane, Rand faces camera, Winslow looks for observation point, Anita talks about Tompkins, Plane flies overhead, CU Oxygen gauge, Skeeter rub his head and passes out, Tompkins is groggy, Bomb drops and plane dives, Fliers both unconscious, All watch in horror as plane falls(k@), Tompkins wakes up and flies plane, Plane upside down then right side up and lands, Betty Lou and others jump in car and drive to landing strip, Landing Strip, Tompkins jumps out of plane and helps Skeeter out of seat, Tompkins smacks Skeeter to wake him up, they hug and laugh, Car arrives, All celebrate, Hotel room, Rand and Anita talk about stealing bombing device, Drunk Rand sit in armchair and drinks and smokes, he does not want to steal, (unpatriotic), Winslow refills his glass, Anita walks to the door and Winslow sees her out, Exterior of Tompkins house at night, Tompkins' living room, Betty Lou with apron comes out of kitchen with silverware She begins to set the table and talks, Tompkins reads diagrams on the sofa, Tompkins hugs Betty Lou (talks about being together), Skeeter and Anita enter, Betty Lou takes Anita out of room, Tom shows Skeeter a diagram, Skeeter becomes annoyed, All four sit down to dinner, After dinner four sit and talk, Man calls in phone booth, Tom answers phone, Tom and Skeeter rush out, Skeeter drives at night to army headquarters, Men in the dark by a car wait for them, Headlights on a dark winding road, Car blocks road, man signals them with flashlight, Two men hijack them, Men transfer to motor boat, Tompkins dining room, women come from kitchen and Anita smokes, Betty Lou answers phone, hands it to Anita, Anita offers Betty Lou a ride home, Hotel room, Winslow proposes to Skeeter and Tompkins to get bomb site, Tompkins talks about patriotism, Rand walks in drunk, Tompkins runs to him, shakes his hand excitedly, Rand remembers him and pats him, Rand is embarrassed and encourages Tompkins to give up, Winslow encourages Tompkins to give up, Tompkins refuses, Thug whispers in Winslow's ear, Winslow opens door and Betty Lou runs to door and Winslow blocks door and closes it, Smith in his office talks to military men, General answers phone, Skeeter shouts to Winslow, "I'll knock your ears back." Winslow pushes him, one thug holds Tompkins back, other thug blows smoke at Skeeter who coughs, Tompkins in cockpit with Rand and Winslow, Tompkins talks on radio, Smith pretends to be cheerful, Tompkins and others walk through plane, Rand sits sadly in cockpit, thug offers him liquor and he tosses it away, Tompkins sits at drawing board, Skeeter talks tough, Betty Lou screams off camera, Smith worries about crew in his office, Cars speed down highway, Smith and others jump into motorboat, Anita knits in chair as Tompkins sketches, Tompkins writes message for Skeeter under ruler, Betty Lou punches Anita and they fight (Girl vs. Girl fight!), Tompkins punches out thugs, Tompkins breaks door with chair, Tompkins and others run to biplane in hanger, Thugs shoot Skeeter, Tompkins shoots thug, then they take off, Winslow watches through window, Rand pretends to be drunk in cockpit, Winslow shakes him, Hydroplane takes off from the water, Motorboat arrives at the island, Smith jumps out and points to the villain's plane, Police lead Anita away, CU Rand and Winslow in cockpit, Winslow puts headset on Rand, Men with rifles stand inside plane, they fire out of windows at Tompkins' plane, they switch sides to fire, Rand nose dives plane into ocean, "Hold on Tommy" he shouts, CU Rand's face ecstatic as he holds steering wheel (weird), Huge explosion in ocean as plane slams into it (nice), Tompkins crosses fingers, "Okay Skipper Good Luck" he says, Squadron of bombers fly overhead, Tompkins and Betty Lou look up, Squadron drops bombs, Shot from above bombs fall, Threesome walk arm in arm to plane, Smith runs up with news that Hollywood wants to shoot a film about them, They all salute camera and say "That's the next one, tailspin tommy in the movies"