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F.I.L.M Archives
2260B, 2261B
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13:01:00:00,(CHAPTER 1), Tough guys march through streets causing trouble, Car collides with truck, chicken lands on black chauffeur's lap, Drivers duke it out, Tough guys steal pies from truck, Headline: Junior G-Man helps stop crime, Billy Halop comes through hideout entrance, Sign: JUNIOR G-MEN POST 69, Junior G-Men discuss plot against govt, Dead End Kids enter, fight with Junior G-Men, Kid under a table calls police, Police race to scene, Tough guys beat it, Police arrest boys, G-Man Jim Bradford shows up. Takes Halop in, Establishing shot of F.B.I. Headquarters, Tough guys in Bradford's office. (Plot), Headquarters of the Flaming Torch. (The Bad Guys), Villain Boss threatens Professor for secret formula, Villains plot, Villains wait outside F.B.I. Headquarters, hijack elevator, Villains jump tough guys, Fight in falling elevator. Elevator crashes, (CHAPTER 2), Harry hides Billy in janitor's closet, Bradford preaches to tough guys about patriotic duty, Tough guys wait for Harry around corner, jump him. Fight, Tough guys enter secret hideout, Tough guys plot in hideout, Huntz Hall and kids pick groceries from woman, Woman hits Hall with pie, Villains make call at phone booth, Villain's car won't start. Check under hood, Tough guys move to get Torchies (bad guys), Halop and Hall climb into villain's truck, CU: bottle of high explosives, Halop and Hall locked in truck, Truck enters rich estate. Parks in garage, Halop and Hall hide in truck. Men unload safe, Villains and Professor in laboratory, Halop and Hall climb rope, through skylight, Professor explains his explosive to Villains, Halop and Hall scale wall. Hall falls, Halop carries Hall to vault house, revives him, Villains bring steel block to vault house, Halop and Hall hide, Professor detonates explosive, vault house explodes, (CHAPTER 3), Halop and Hall climb from wreckage, Villain checks truck, finds explosive missing, Halop and Hall run from guard, hide in garage, Guard searches, Halop and Hall hide in truck, Driver locks truck, backs out, drives away, Villain Leader orders thugs to search for kids, Sign: JUNIOR G-MEN POST 69, Tough Guys report to G-Men, Halop and Hall missing, Villains signal truck driver on radio. G-Men listen in, Truck turns around. Halop and Hall try door, G-Men listen to villains on short wave. Speeding down highway (nice wipes), Truck collides with bigger truck. Driver thrown, Halop, Hall, Driver chases Halop and Hall through trees, Halop and Hall hide under bridge, driver gives up, G-Men stop car on highway, Halop and Hall hitch a ride. Billy spots a torch tattoo on driver, Driver with gun holds Halop and Hall, G-Men give chase, Halop and Hall grab wheel. Car goes over cliff, (CHAPTER 4), 04:01:00:00 MASTER # 2261B, Halop and Hall jump free, G-Men recover Halop and Hall, Villains go to get G-Men. G-Men and boys.take cover, Halop throws rocks at villains, Police show up, villains flee, G-Men and Tough Guys meet at F.B.I. Headquarters, Villains meet at hideout and plot, G-Men plot to find tough guys hideout, Tough Guys in their hideout, Villains shack up in Tough Guy neighborhood, Woman cleans suit, Tough Guys go to tangle with Torchies, Junior G-Men trail, Harry calls G-Men on pay phone, Torchies listen on short wave radio, Iron starts fire in apartment house, Tough Guys rush Torchies in flat, Fist fight in burning building, panic in street, Police, fire radio call. Rescue teams arrive, Fire engines race through streets, Torchies, Halop trapped in smoke, Halop hangs from ledge, both fall, (CHAPTER 5), Firemen run with trampoline, catch Halop, Headline: HERBERT MATTHESON STILL MISSING, Torch gang members report to leader. Car exits fancy estate, Tough Guys over hear Torch gang members on street, Tough Guys round up Halop and gang. Gang plots, Gang jumps delivery man on bicycle, steal plans, Halop rides bike disguised, delivers plans, Harry finds Tough Guys hideout, Tough Guys rush to party, pile in car, Tough Guys at Junior G-Man feast at party, Harry shows Tough Guys the crime lab, ??? overhears Kids plan to tackle Torchies, Kids snoop around condemned building, chased off by guard, Harry and Halop spy on Torchies. Nabbed. Fist fight, G-Men show up at condemned buildings, nab guard, Torch member calls headquarters. G-Men rush him, Fist fight. G-Men find plans, Torch member escapes thorough secret panel, Torch member in phone booth calls headquarters, Torch member leader operates device to blow up building, Building implodes/collapses. (nice), (CHAPTER 6), Harry, Halop and G-Men get out, Torchies in hideout, Bradford at F.B.I. headquarters, Tough Guys in the neighborhood. Pranks, Torchies in car follow Tough Guys, Halop leads Torchies to river docks, Torchies jump Halop, Tough guys show up, fist fight, Tough guys jump into river, swim away, Torchies report failure to leader. Make new plan, Harry shows Halop short wave radio, Harry and Halop in ring, boxing match, Torch Leader calls on radio, kids listen in, Halop and Harry shake hands and go after Torchies, Tough Guys spot Torchies truck, Torchies let Professor out of truck to set off explosion, Torchies set explosives, Harry and Halop run to warn G-Men Warehouse explodes