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2231B, 2232B
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08:01:00:00,TRAILER for LITTLE TOUGH GUY, Picketers in front of factory (newsreel), strikers march with signs, New York Tenaments, Dead end kids on stoop, Young kid plays with big toy plane, tough kid tries to show him something about it, Teen and straight arrow sister speak, Sick Mom likes on bed, speaks to daughter, Mom speaks to teen, puts on hat in mirror, Mom speaks to teen in fancy convertible, pushes daughter on him, Young couple speak in convertible about their future, Young couple in fancy restaurant, Johnny (Billy Halop) nurses injured father, Sister comes to comfort him, Teen cracks up as police haul Dad off, Police arrive to arrest father, HEADLINE: STRIKER KILLS POLICEMAN, Dead End Kids read newspaper, Kids argue in school yard, Family exits courtroom. Mother cries, Woman punch time clocks in office, Johnny's sister gets fired, Girl speaks to boyfriend on stoop about her future, CU: Notice to vacate, Boy writes in book while teen girl plays hopscotch, Girl waves, yells goodbye Johnny, Johnny on stoop. Hops into truck, waves to girlfriend, Lower East Side of New York NICE, Tough kids on Lower East side, get in way of truck, driver comes out and tells them to move, Very nice ethnic stuff in Lower east side, pushcart salesmmen (1940s gangs), Woman buys fruit. Tough kids steal bag from woman, Kids hang out under the El, Johnny tangles with tough kids, Johnny and sister on roof talk about getting a job, Johnny sells papers on street, Newsboys on street "Paper here, get your paper", Newsboys tangle over turf, Johnny fights Huntz Hall as crowd assembles and cheers (street fight, NICE), Johnny knocks out Huntz, kids become friends, Man searches through tenaments streets, Mom speaks to Johnny on stoop, speaks to would-be brother in law, Man speaks to distraught women on stoop, tells how daughter in burlesque, Man speaks to woman outside Burlesque house, she's upset, Teens play on street, Johnny speaks to sweetheart, teens mock him, Radio program originates from auditorium (onward and upward league), Dead End Kids disrupt open house radio show. Brawl, Rich snobby kid teams up with tough kids, Tough kids in fancy French restaurant, Tough go through papers, Headline: BOYLAN APPEAL DENIED, Johnny on corner selling paper, weeping, Joh nny begs official to see his Dad, Johnny throws rock through car window. Runs, Cops stop Johnny, Sign: Detention Home, Johnny's sister visits in detention home- "They can't pin anything on me", Tough kids visit detention home. Cause disturbance, Tough kids help Johnny escape out window. (climbs down rope/tied together clothes), Tough kids visit snobby rich kid in Long Island Mansion, CU radio, Tough kids in Turkish bath, rowing machine, Huntz Hall on Stationary bike, HEADLINE & MONTAGE: EPIDEMIC OF PETTY CRIMES, Kids in car (rear screen), Kids (now wearing fancy suits) speak among selves and to adult gangster, Johnny on phone with frail mother, Huntz Hall, Johnny, Rich kid in car (Rear screen), Cop runs into car, asks gang member who feigns being deaf Huntz Hall and Johnny duck into movie theater. Cops follow Nice movie theatre ext. activity, Gang members race out of theatre, tangle with cops, some arrested, Tangle with cops outside theater, Johnny meets with Sis, Huntz hangs out in alley, very noir, Police car with search light patrols for Johnny and Huntz Hall, Policeman with gun walks directly to camera VERY NOIR sequence, Frightened shop keeper begs for mercy, Cop: "I'll give you just one minute to come out, or be blown out:", Classic Cagney-like cop vs gangster confrontation, Shootout, tough kids hold up in store, Huntz Hall begs for mercy, Huntz Hall gunned down in doorway, Sister tells Johnny to drop his gun and give up, Judge sentences tough kids, Johnny tells off judge, girlfriend and sister tells Judge what a decent guy Johnny is, Judge sentences Johnny, Kid with black eye, Tough kids march in reform school band in parade, adoring friends watch, Johnny in bandleader outfit greets family, they're proud of him