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NEWS; 1968
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00:09:03:00,PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, Nixon campaigns. Speaks at New Hampshire primary, Eugene McCarthy shakes hands in streets of New Hampshire, Bobby Kennedy announces candidacy, Johnson gives will not run in 1968 speech, Hubert Humphrey announces candidacy, George Wallace announces candidacy,KING ASSASINATION, Martin Luther King gives final "mountain top" speech, Police and investigators at hotel after King assassination, Cop points to place where King killed, Riots in American streets, on streets of Washington DC, Bobby Kennedy speaks to crowds on King assassination, King funeral. Kennedy, Nixon march in funeral, Sing "We Shall Overcome", Poor peoples march on Washington,BOBBY KENNEDY ASSASINATION, Kennedy gives final speech after California primary, Bobby Kennedy assassination footage, Sirhan Sirhan in custody,VIETNAM, Fighting in streets of Vietnam, Bombers bomb targets in Vietnam, Lyndon Johnson, gives halt in bombing speech, Averell Harriman at Vietnam peace talks,PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, Republican Convention in Miami, Nixon at convention gives peace sign salute, Humphrey and Ed Muskie at convention in Chicago, Nixon gives victory speech, Nixon meets with Johnson at White House,RUSSIANS INVADE CZECHOSLOVAKIA, Russian tanks roll in Prague, Soviets talk in meeting,STUDENT RIOTS, Riots at Columbia University, Riots in San Francisco, Chicago riots, Students riot in Mexico City, to upset Olympics, Cops clash with rioters, Students riot in Paris,FRENCH FINANCIAL CRISIS, Charles DeGaulle gives speech, French stock exchange,USS PUEBLO CREW RETURNED HOME, North Korean prisoners return on plane. Meet families, Rocket launch. Slow motion. Captain Llody Bucher,APOLLO 8, Crew on board Apollo 8, View of lunar surface from Apollo 8, Christmas message from Apollo 8, Capsule floats at sea, recovered, Helicopter lands on carrier, aircraft carrier