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706B, 707B
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01:00:40:00,Indian in full chief's headdress stands on rocks, holds bow, arrow, Wagon train moves along (seen again), Wagons form circle, Group of Indians on horses on cliff silhouetted against sky, Wagons pass grave with wooden cross, Wagon passes pile of bones, Soldiers ride, Cowboys herd cattle (seen again), Buffalo BIll checks pistol, Comic relief, sidekick Cactus in stupid hat feeds calf, CU hand feeds calf, Long shot of wagons move through valley, Bill, Cactus talk, Bill, Cactus mount horses, ride, Alleged women drive wagons at high speed as Indians chase, Bill, Cactus ride (seen throughout), Indians charge down hill, Alleged women fire rifles from wagon circle (seen many times), Bill fires pistol (seen again), Classic Indian attack, Indians ride around wagons, fire (seen again), Bill fires, Indian falls, Indian falls off horse, Indian pulls fallen Indian onto horse (seen again), Indians ride off, Bearded man in dress takes off bonnet, all "women" revealed as men, Cactus slaps fat woman on shoulder, she yells, pushes him to ground, Men laugh, Bill, army officer talk (seen again), Indians ride up, dismount (seen again), "Indians" remove clothing, revealed as white men, CU shifty-eyed bad guy Blake with black hat talks (seen throughout), Townspeople stand on Main Street as if waiting for somebody to come to town, Bill, group of people talk, CU angry woman talks (seen again), Bill jumps straight from his horse to other man's, pulls him to ground (GOOD STUNT), Bill, man fight, Woman says "Come on! Punch him!", Knock-down, drag-out fight, including men being thrown over horses, Bad guys pull guns, Cactus holds them at gunpoint, Bad guy gives Bill knee to chin, Bill knocks bad guy out, Officer arrives, talks to crowd, Bad guy, Indian boy argue, Bill gives harmonica to Indian boy, who tries to play it, says, "Me no like", says many similar things throughout, Officer, woman talk, argue, Bad guys talk (seen throughout), Sign: HEADQUARTERS FORT RANDALL, Officer, Bill, Cactus, Indian boy eat at outdoor table, Cactus, boy talk, boy played by obvious white kid, Cactus says "she sounds good enough to eat", Cactus tries to fix his hair, face, gives up, Fat woman drools all over sidekick, Cactus hops on horse, rides off (FAST MOTION), Boy comforts crying fat woman, Indians talk to Blake, Cactus, Bill talk (seen again), Cactus, Bill send phony smoke signals, Indians send phony smoke signals (NICE), Indian on ridge shoots arrow, Arrow sticks in tree, Bill, Cactus take cover behind tree, Indian behind rock shoots arrow, Arrow with hat sticks in tree, BIll examines arrow, Indians ride (seen again), Bill, Cactus, Indians talk, Indian village, Bill, Cactus, Indians sit on ground, smoke peace pipe, CU chief talks, CU hand beats tom tom (seen again), CU Indian speaks angrily, Knife thrown into ground, Indian picks up knife, holds it above head, approaches Bill, they struggle, roll on ground, Indians watch (seen again), Bill lets Indian up, walks away, Chief cuts wrist, Main Street, people, horses, Men loaf, smoke, react, Soldiers ride up, officer dismounts, Bill, Cactus, tie horses to rail, BIll, Blake, officer talk, Cowboy band plays "Oh, Susanna" on main street, people watch, some on horses, Girl singer introduces band, Band plays "Pop Goes the Weasel", Musicians play each others' instruments, one puts bow in his crotch, plays violin (certain humorous possibilities here), CU cowboys watch, Crowd applauds, Band plays "On the Old Panhandle Trail", Girl singer in black gown sings, Singer, officer discuss love problems, Cattle stampede, lots of dust, Man falls off horse, cattle trample him, Main Street, pedestrians, Cactus leans on rail, tries to play harmonica, talks to Blake, Indians ride up Main Street, Man warns of Indians, People scatter, Angry chief speaks, Chief, Bill talk, Chief breaks lance, throws to ground, Man pulls gun, fires, Bill knocks it away, Covered wagon rides, Man in front of sign "RED SAND STAGE DEPOT", Covered wagons go up hill, Wagon train circled for night, Bill, Cactus eat, Cactus talks with Indian boy ("Me eatum grub"), Buffalo herd stampedes (many shots), Bill rides, fires rifle, Buffalo falls, Buffalo flee group of hunters on horses, run right at camera, Sunset behind trees, Chief tears up scrolled document, Stock footage Indians do wild war dance, gather for war, ride off across stream, Indians attack, Soldiers, wagons ride, Soldiers shoot from fort, Horse, Indian fall (seen again), Indians attack fort, Indians burn building, Wagon train people shoot at process Indians, Indians attack women, Horses drag man at high speed, Bill stops horses, Cactus, Indian boy ride on same mule, Bill looks at man for signs of life, White men dress as Indians, Fake Indians talk, Bill, chief talk, Hands pull arrow back, relax, Wagon train passes, Blake, with mustache, in war paint (seen again), Running battle, wagon train versus fake Indians (SOME NICE SHOTS, STUNTS), Indian in wagon sneaks up behind driver, wagons go up hill, man falls off horse (seen again), horses, wagon run right over camera (NICE), wagon smashes sideways into tree, disintegrates (NICE), long shot of horses run with burning wagon, man hits Indian with tomahawk (!), man falls off wagon, wagons stop, battle continues, man fires rifle from wagon, real Indians arrive, attack fake Indians, NICE shots, Man waves hat to welcome Indians (!), Bill chases Blake at gallop, Bill pulls Blake off horse, they roll down hill, start to fight but shot ends abruptly, followed by repeated footage of some of battle, repeated footage of Bill/Blake chase, including end of fistfight, Bill pulls Blake up, takes him away, Soldiers, Indians, talk at fort, Bill gives chief new treaty, Fat woman hugs reluctant Cactus, Bill, Cactus ride off ("Who was that bearded man? I wanted to thank him."), "THE END BUY DEFENSE BONDS"