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12:01:00:00,Police montage, racing for a raid, Police raid nighclub, Prostitutes arrested in underwear, John tries to hide under bed, Woman cries into her hands, Cop with ax cuts through door, Woman in black holds gun, drops it, Newspaper presses roll, headlines supered, Woman given third degree, Woman shocked, pleased, D.A. tells woman what a slime she is ("women like you should be behind bars"), Woman on phone seated in bed, takes off nightgown (in lingerie), puts on dress, speaks to Sister during this, Rich husband and wife speak, seated on couch, Husband gets phone as wife listens (he's a doctor), Husband kisses wife goodbye and leaves (with black bag), Woman with clenched teeth (mad), Boxers get in ring for match, Boxers box, Women at garden party (ladies who lunch, talk, play cards), Woman sticks out tongue to woman off-camera, Chorus girls in nightclub kick line (NICE, various angles cut in, front and butt angles), Women enter nightclub,, Dice spun in drum (casino with everyone in tuxedos), Roulette wheel spins, women bet, Woman in furs frets, cries, Gangster looks through peephole, Gangster winks at croupier (unseen), Lots of platinum blondes, CU chips placed on 00 for routlette, Woman hikes up dress and puts money in garter/stocking, fixes dress, District Attorney in the face of accused girl, Various finger pointing, Women on phone, Gum chewing moll swings hips as she approaches pay phone, continues to shuckle as she calls Madam for latest date (prostitute), says "okey doke" and hangs up. Girls referred to by number, Ugly girl on pay phone holds cigarette (looks all used up), Wrestling match (NICE, lots of headlocks), Crowd excited, Man adds liquor to girls' drinks at matches, Girl drinks from spiked glass and giggles, enters home tipsy, Drunk girl flings off clothes (NICE), Drunk girl sits at triple mirror and combs hair (attractive), kicks off shoes and flings them, flings off lingerie behind screen and puts on man's pajamas, Woman in bed turns on radio and listens (music), CU table radio, Woman turns off radio and goes to bed, Floozie on couch grabs phone and dials, calls Madame, Woman wakes up with hangover, reads love note from husband, Woman signs for credit in casino, various roulette gambling, Worried woman grabs at her dress, Fetching girl smiles to gangsters, says "expensive clothes require expensive living", Lots of chips on table, roulette wheel, woman loses and gets upset, takes sip of champagne, rubs head, Woman signs IOU, Gangsters discuss girl with Madame, she drinks, Gangster indirectly tells girl she has to become a prostitute (because she can't pay off), Lots of melodramatic hand wringing-type action, lots of eye action, stares, grimaces, door takes, Chorus girl dance in nightclub, Woman runs out of nightclub very upset, Woman slams on horn, car smashes into light pole (NICE), Woman screams as car smashes into pole, Gangsters threaten girl as they take drinks (lots of champagne poured), Nightclub shots, gangster pours champagne for girl, people dance, Woman smokes (upset), older man in tuxedo wants her, Clothes flung on chair, floor from off camera (shoes, socks, NICE), Woman in ecstasy from head up (orgasmic), Silhouette of naked woman and clothed man, Woman gets paid off (now a prostitute), All black hot jazz band with jazz baby girl dancing (NICE), Drum reads "all in fun", Seated audience in nightclub/saloon applauds, Floozy comes on to drink, puts on his hat, Prostitutes in lingerie (three of them) try to drag man into bedroom, Two girls have cat fight in nightclub, man tries to keep them apart, Disheveled man comes out of bedroom (looks like Kramer), Double jointed girl dances on tabletop (does splits above head), Two men have fistfight in nightclub, CU man grabs steak knife, Woman screams into hands, CU man grimaces, Men hide body in room, woman smiles, smokes, Man enters room 6, sees wife, woman screams, man shocked, holds head in disbelief, Chorus girls dance in front of curtain with military Busby Berkeley types moves, Gangster says "I pride myself on having the best floor show in town", Woman (new) enters gambling room, Sullen woman ponders future at desk, walks off with head down, Woman dragged away screaming, Woman in hospital bed attended to by nurse (might have had abortion), Nurse speaks to doctor, doctor looks at chart ("any doctor who would stoop to this is a disgrace to his profession"), Doctor finds out it was a friend, kisses her hand and leaves, Woman approaches friend in bed (looks bad), Woman in bed dies, second woman falls apart and cries on bed, Floozies and henchmen surround phone, henchman speaks (interesting angle), Gun in hand stuck through door, woman holds up gangster about to flee, Gangster tries to smile through the fear, tells her to put out that gun, Gangster shot, Angle on woman shooting point blank, Over melodramatic confession and defense of taking law into his own hands, Couple hug and THE END come up over LADY JUSTICE (NICE)