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284B, 285B
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10:00:52:00,Train at night, Troop Train, soldier plays harmonica, Troops ogle girl giving out cigarettes, gives her mail, Private plays Reverie (NICE), Troops given leave, large PA system megaphones, Soldiers ignored in fancy restaurant, GYPSY ROSE LEE enters restaurant, takes out food, Long line of Soldiers outside Stage Door Canteen, Girls checked in, Woman warned against dating soldiers, she's dismissed, Girl flirts with Soldier on line, ED WYNN greets soldiers at check room, does schtick, ALAN MOWBRAY cleans tables, GEORGE RAFT washes dishes with BILL STERN, Stunned soldier gets Cake and Oranges, "Just Like Christmas", KATHERINE CORNELL serves food, does ROMEO and JULIET scene, Hostess talks to soldiers, WILLIAM DEMEREST takes to Ilene, TOM KENNEDY waits, ED WYNN speaks to soldiers, BERGAN & McCARTHY do routine (Crystal Ball) with MORTIMER SNERD, Soldier in audience laughs, applauds, GRACIE FIELDS pops out of box and sings about shooting down Japanese planes, sings THE LORD'S PRAYER, Misty eyed soldiers, all bow heads, RAY BOLGER waits tables (does rubber leg routine), BROCK PENDELTON cleans ash trays, KAY KYSER band does Rookie and HIS RHYTHM, Nice SWING DANCING (double jointed couples), Soldiers and girls dance, Soldiers order up girls, asks "How Far Can We Go", HELEN HAYES asked to dance, RAY BOLGER does bit with Sargent, sings about VERONICA LAKE, does comical tap dance, ED WYNN on other types of CANTEENS, Slow dancing soldiers with girls, Soldier speaks to girls while dancing, Girls complain about entertaining boys, Soldiers in bunks, HUGH HERBERT and NED SPARKS as cooks, HERBERT on phone, LUNT AND FONTAINE do bit as dish washers, she gives out sandwiches, JOHNNY WEISMULLER takes off shirt, Franklin PANGBORN says, "My, What A Chest", GEORGIE JESSEL on phone does HELLO MAMA routine, ETHEL MERMAN sings pro-war song about HITLER, Solders speak with girl, men ordered back to post, montage of boys looking up, singing MARINE'S HYMN, Xavier Cugat number , TALLULAH BANKHEAD and soldiers kibbutz, she smokes, FREDDIE MARTIN sings Goodnight Sweetheart, GIL comes with flowers, PAUL MUNI with two girls, "If you could be any woman who would you be? Hitler's Widow", ETHEL WATERS and COUNT BASIE sing "Quicksand", GYPSY ROSE LEE talks to boys from stage and does subtle strip, Soldiers climb over each other for GYPSY's clothes, rip it apart, SPARKS says "I'm Smiling Now", JOHNNY calls for someone, FREDDIE MARTIN does number with sax, Soldiers dance with girls, Soldiers hoist Chinese airmen on soldiers, Woman (MERLE OBERON) gives pro Chinese speech, VIVIAN BLAINE, GUY LOMBARDO does AULD LANG SYNE, DAME JUDITH ANDERSON and soldier, LANNY ROSS sings "In Hearts", BENNY GOODMAN plays sax, girl singer "No RIght", Soldier and girl do jitterbug number, HARBO chases girl and does routine with soldier, YEHUDI MEHUNIN plays violin: AVE MARIA and FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE BEE (nice angle on violinist), Girls and soldiers talk, dance, Soldier kisses girl (NICE), Soldiers say lots of sweet nothings about life together, KATHERINE HEPBURN speaks to girl outside and talks about breaking rules, VIRGINIA GREY and soldier, Slow Dancing, Girl read goodbye letter to girl "Thanks for Making Me Feel Like A Man", Girl begins to cry, KATE HEPBURN tells her to keep a stiff upper lip and gives virulent patriotic victory speech, CU STAGE DOOR CANTEEN sign