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Preparation of different dishes, tropical, SE Asian or Caribbean in appearance: 02:01:22 Filling being spooned into dough for dumplings; 02:02:15 Dough being shaped around filling to form dumplings; 02:03:20 Glass bowl of steaming potatoes being mashed; 02:03:57 Dumplings being placed in skillet with boiling oil, vegetables & spices in bg: 02:05:09 Banana being peeled; 02:05:40 CU orange being zested; 02:07:05 Banana being sliced, fruit in bg; 02:08:05 Juice being hand-squeezed from orange slices, using old-fashioned green glass juicer; 02:08:50 T/D from "Clover Brand" margarine (label in Sp.) to stick of margarine being sliced on wood cutting board, fruit in bg; 02:10:05 P/U from last shot: Orange juice being poured into skillet with sliced bananas frying, steam rises, "Clover Brand" in bg; 02:11:10 CU sugar being sprinkled on bananas in skillet, last take includes orange zest laced over bananas; 02:12:04 CU syrup being drizzled over bananas, now in blue & white china dish; 02:12:40 Completed dessert: bananas arranged in pattern on dish w/orange slices, figs, ice cream & mint leaves, pull back to reveal palm leaves, tropical fruit & cloth napkins on table, then same in reverse order, closing in on plate; 02:14:50 Bunches of grapes on wrought iron trellis, T/D to rustic wood table in diffused daylight, beautiful glass & china, pitcher of water, salad, various fruits & vegetables, silverware, etc., hand sets down plate of fried dumplings with elegant garnish; 02:17:13 Static shot of various cooking/baking utensils & ingredients - eggs, flour, sugar, grater, sifter, knives, vegetables, etc. - plus bottle of "Clover Brand" oil; same shot minus oil; similar shots w/other "Clover Brand" products.