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road safety, child on bike, home safety, baby, kid coloring, timebomb, accidents, disco, thief steals womens bag, good stages of life, wedding, ballet dancers, bride and groom, birthday party for elderly man or woman, zoom in to happy elderly couple, b/w couple kiss passionately, thumbs gesture, stills of asian kid and black kid, buster brown type dog smiles at camera, Madonna-like actress wins oscar-like award, accidents in the home, old lady falls into china closet, car drives through brick wall, dog causes traffic accident, car slams into tree, animation of grid overhead, littering steadicam pov, girl on beach with dog and ice cream, littered beach, accidents: skateboarder gets hit, old man "Fierce Braking" almost hit, bridge and groom in back seat, 00:5l:20 man sleeps and wakes up, man does prat fall on water spot, gets hit by car and flies off, 00:53:28 crash test du